VICTORIA ROAD, Landscape Strategy

Strategic landscape design
Client: Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)

A strategic appraisal of the existing landscape character within the OPDC area, and a framework to inform future landscape development.

JCLA were commissioned by OPDC to produce a landscape strategy for the Victoria Road area around Old Oak and Wormwood Scrubs, continuing our work in the area on the Willesden Junction station improvements, canal access improvements and Cerebos Gardens projects.

The initial study examined the context and influence of the ‘Middlesex landscape’; a key signature for the local area, bringing the wider countryside associations and rich tapestry of  historic land use to the fore, to inform character for landscape development in the area. The
landscape strategy sets out a number of Guiding Principles, which in turn formed Key Landscape Objectives for the area to work within the setting, build the idea of the
‘common’, and establish a resilient landscape.

We were then commissioned by OPDC for a follow on ‘Landscape Primer’, identifying key character area objectives and illustrating a number of ‘design clues’ for application within each of the areas. This work is now being built into the emerging SPD for the public realm for
the updated Local Plan.