(2020 - 2021)
Hard and soft landscape design
Client: Dorrington
With: Henley Halebrown

Working courtyard for warehouse commercial and artist spaces, including reclaimed planters, furniture, surface markings and storage structures. The landscape draws inspiration from the area’s heritage of agricultural and industrial working yards, offering a progressive space shaped over time by creative processes.

A birch and cherry grove sits within an assemblage of reclaimed industrial planters, including large water tanks and culvert pipes, each with its own story. The planters divide the yard into a number of garden rooms for work, play, growing and art, offering flexibility in response to future interventions and access requirements.

Layered and textural planting creates a lush and verdant yard with seasonal structure, colour and enjoyable scentful and edible species. A greenhouse and grow beds offer a place for tenants to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables and salads, bringing potential benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Painted artworks layered over ‘as found’ surfaces and parking grids, a nod to Laszlo himself, define entrances and key moments within the landscape.

Over time building facades, landscape structures and various ‘inside-out’ features such as external staircases will become shrouded in climbers, embracing the sense of urban wildness.