Jonathan Cook
BA (Hons), MLD, CMLI
Founding Director, Landscape Architect

Following ten years working for Wandsworth Council, Jonathan formed JCLA in 1997. He is a chartered member of the Landscape Institute, with a background in Geography. Jonathan co-taught Unit 10 on the architectural diploma course at London Metropolitan University with Signy Svalastoga. His special  interests include water systems, rivers and wetlands, wild spaces in the city, industrial archaeology, polyfunctional productive landscapes and pigeons.
Natalie Simmons
BA (Hons), DipArch, CMLI
Director, Landscape Architect

Natalie joined JCLA in 2016 after working for Studio Weave and the Projects Office at London Metropolitan University, becoming a Director in 2022. She is a chartered member of the Landscape Institute and holds an RHS Horticultural certificate. Her particular interests include water networks (canals, rivers and wetlands), cultural and industrial landscape heritage and exploring the country by narrowboat.
Emma Weeks
BA (Hons), DipArch, ARB
Architect, Landscape Designer

Emma is an Architect and Landscape Designer, working with JCLA since 2012. Covering both disciplines, her interests include sustainable landscape approaches and the fluid relationship between landscape and architecture.
Ales Seitl — consultant
Landscape Designer

Ales is an experienced designer and plantsman having owned and run his own nursery in the Czech Republic where he is a qualified Landscape Architect. Ales is highly experienced in horticultural specification, designing, implementing and maintaining a number of public and private projects across the UK and Europe.

Rebecka Gullstrand
Landscape Designer

Rebecka joined JCLA in 2015 after practicing and studying in both the UK and her native Sweden. Her special interests include trees, nature inspired planting, woodland ecology and management & urban wilderness. She enjoys bird watching in the Swedish forest.
Migle Pikelyte
BA (Hons), DipArch
Associate, Landscape Designer

Miglė joined JCLA in 2017 after working at design and research practice CarverHaggard, becoming an Associate in 2022. She is Project Lead at Loughborough Farm in Brixton. Her special interests include material and spatial research and urban permaculture – all things growing and making, plus looking after the office garden.
Monica Landivar
BSc (Hons), MArch
Landscape Designer

Monica joined JCLA in 2019, after previous experience in design and project management, and as a project kickstarter for Architecture for Humanity in London where she is now a Trustee. Her particular interests include material research, source & build projects and community focused design.
Tom Green
BA (Hons), PGDip&MA Landarch, CMLI
Associate, Landscape Architect

Tom is an associate at JCLA having joined the practice in 2020. He is a chartered member  of the Landscape Institute with a background in the arts. Having practiced as a fine artist, Tom’s approach places emphasis on relationships between disciplines having worked in collaboration with makers, artists, communities and designers.
Charlotte Perkins
BA (Hons), DipArch
Landscape Designer

Charlotte joined JCLA in 2020 after working for various Architecture practices in London. She recently completed an RHS Horticultural certificate. Her interests include trees, permaculture, and designing for the benefit of all species. Before joining JCLA she spent time working with community cooperatives in Central America on agroforestry and permaculture projects.
Hannah Whitfield
BA (Hons), MA
Landscape Assistant

Hannah joined JCLA in 2023 after completing her Masters in Landscape Architecture. Prior to this she had a background in the arts and is still a practicing artist. Her special interests include wastelands and post-industrial landscapes, cross-discipline collaboration and folklore.

Our collaborators include:

5th Studio
6a architects
Adams & Sutherland
Adam Khan architects
Benedict O'Looney Architects
Carmody Groarke
Caruso St John
Erika Diaz-Petersen
Feilden Fowles
Gort Scott
Haworth Tompkins
Hayatsu architects
Henley Halebrown
Ludwig Willis
Macreanor Lavington
Penoyre & Prasad
Rural Office
Sergison Bates
Stephen Taylor architects
Turner Works

Our clients include a range of local authorities across London and the UK, arts institutions, charities,
development companies and private clients
Unit 10:

Unit 10 was an architectural diploma unit at London Metropolitan University, led by Signy Svalastoga and others including Jonathan Cook, Ed Simpson and Nina Scholz. Unit 10 examined the ambiguous and fluid relationship between architecture and landscape, and used a combination of research, thinking methodologies, and creative practice to propose strategic interventions spanning extremes of scale; from the immediate and personal, to the collective and geographical. Field trips were conducted to Odessa, Reykjavik, Tarusa, Miyagi prefecture, Ireland, West Cumbria and Port Talbot. Many of the JCLA team were Unit 10 students, and we continue to develop the legacy of ‘happy accidents’ to this day.